Australian-based pioneer of geotextile grout mattress technology
Member of International Erosion Control Association

Grout Matt
The advanced, fast forming, economical technique for the construction of revetments both above and below water. Its performance characteristics make it a logical choice for stabilizing and protecting. A development of synthetic fibre technology has been specially designed to produce optimum strength, filtering characteristics and stability

The Fabric
The fabric, is made of a double-walled polyester mattress woven of multifilament polyester wrap and is immune to attack by acids, alkalis, organic solvents and biological organisms. Extensive ultraviolet degradation testing has proved that polyester out performs, over the long term, other products such as nylon.

The Process
These tailored shutters are laid out over an area after minimal site preparation. Pressure injection of up to 1.4 MPa of the fine aggregate concrete into this filter fabric reduces the water/cement ratio from 0.9 to 0.5 and so produces an even cobbled effect that has the ability to attenuate and halt the erosive forces generated by man and nature.

Quality Control
Our products are manufactured under the control of ISO9002 procedures. Our construction procedures are covered by AS2990 (Category C). Quality control is inherent and results are consistent, clean, fast and attractive. In fact, initial set, even underwater, is accelerated by the "head" of the mortar, so producing a high strength, high density mass.

The Advantages of Our System

  • Foreshore Protection has a quality assurance system in place in accordance with ISO 9002 quality assurance procedures.
  • Our products are Australian made.
  • Installation rates are around 700 square metres per day.
  • The 'Grout Matt' is more economical than its traditional competitors - reinforced concrete, rock mattresses, stone pitching and rock armouring.
  • The product can be coloured to blend in with its environment and protect against the sun's UV rays.
  • The use of polyester yarn over nylon significantly extends the life of the system (some projects it is utilized on have a design life of 100 years).
  • Extensive testing and design data as supplied by Delft Hydraulics ensures the correct choice of matt for each application.
  • The product can be easily installed underwater by using sophisticated in-house procedures.

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