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Mattkote: Foreshore Protection Colouring System
This is a water based, rapid dry, adhesive stain (1 coating only required) specially designed and developed for application onto polyester based "Grout Matt" (in the presence of cement) and will not block the Filter Points, allowing full function of hydrostatic pressure release.
The composition of "Mattkote" is non-toxic and the bactericides are non-mercurials. Consequently, the leaching of rain/moisture over this coating would not be expected to cause any problems, providing the coating has fully cured.
Additionally, "Mattkote" contributes to the U.V. resistance values of the installed "Grout Matt".

Surface Preparation
Allow the injected designed grout mix to cure for approximately 1 to 2 days. Ensure the "Grout Matt" is clear of loose debris. It is impractical to clear the surface completely.

Stir well before application. Do not apply at temperatures less than 10 degrees. Apply one coat by airless spraygun. 1 litre of mattkote will normally cover 4 square metres of mattress.

Low gloss and available in a variety of colours including grass green, earth brown and ballast grey which can be tinted to suit the local conditions.
Unit cost for supply and application vary depending on the size and nature of the project. Contact us for a costing on your project.

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