Australian-based pioneer of geotextile grout mattress technology
Member of International Erosion Control Association

Geotextile Grout Mattress-Revetment Systems
Geotextile grout mattresses are your likely best solution for constructing and protecting;

  • embankments
  • channels, drains, culverts, waterways
  • dams, ponds, spillways
  • bridge abutments
  • ports, harbours, wharves
  • sea walls
  • retaining walls
  • piles and pipelines

The grout mattress system offers a faster, more economical solution than traditional methods such as rock mattresses, gabions, stone pitching, rock armouring, rip rap, and the like. This speed and cost effectiveness combined with quality and versatility make it a must for consideration by clients, specifiers/designers, and project managers, at any stage of project development or review.
It has proved to be easily integrated into large scale construction such as highways, ship terminals, hydro schemes, sewerage plants and mines.
Equally it has been used individually as a solution to a specific problem with water erosion, soil stability, water containment, water course managemnt and coastal erosion. The product is readily installed underwater, and above water can be coloured to blend with natural surroundings.

Contact us now for;

  • A quote for;
    1. supply, or
    2. supply and installation
  • help with your ideas/design, or
  • just a quick appraisal regarding suitability for your needs

Foreshore pioneered this technology in the early 1970s and since then the products have been used extensively in Australia and worldwide. As such ,Foreshore is the longest experienced operator in this field, using only its own Intellectual Property arising out of its original patents, more recently introducing its patented ‘Growth Matt’. Our products meet or exceed all International and Australian Standards, from manufacture to installation.

We can supply supervision for installation anywhere in the world, either direct or through our existing agents. If there is no local agent, you may wish to consider an agency/partnership for our geotextile grout mattress products.

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