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Collapsible Block Mattress
Foreshore Protection's Collapsible Black Mattress is constructed of blocks separated by heavy duty fabric hinges. The hinges, which surround each block, allow the final structure to flex and rotate to account for any anticipated ground settlement. For this reason, it is imperative that the fabric maintains its structural integrity for the required service life. The Collapsible Block fabric is significantly stronger and heavier than our traditional fabrics for this very reason.
It is also possible to further reinforce the mattress by placing polyester rope through each port connecting the blocks.
This product is very effective for the protection of sea walls and spillways.

MATT THICKNESS  [mm] 100 150 200 300
BLOCK SIZE  [mm] 620 X 400 620 X 400 620 X 400 620 X 400
HINGE WIDTH  [mm] 65 65 65 65
NOMINAL THICKNESS OF BLOCKS  [mm] 110 160 210 310
WEIGHT OF FINISHED PRODUCT  [kg/m3] 150 180 220 300

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